Where are you...

...and I'm so sorry (Blink 182 reference for all you Gen Zs out there)

I can be found all over the internet realms, here are the main planes you can find me on;

MY DICE; Find them.... well here!

ETSY; My Etsy is home to all of my made to order stuff. Collectiosn included here are my BG3 Dice, My Critical Role dice and soon my Comissions.

INSTAGRAM; My main home. This is where I engage with you all, post the most, and do all my updates. please make sure you follow to stay up to date with all my news!

EMAIL MARKETING; Sign up here to recieve the latest promos and news. I have ADHD so don't worry about Spam!

TUMBLR; Did I mention I was a millennial. I need to get better posting here, but you can find pretty pictures of dice here!