Do you do commissions?
Yes! You can grab one HERE. If you have a commission enquiry please use the contact form or message me through Instagram (@axolotldice) or at axolotldice@gmail.com.

What are your dice made from?
My dice are made from epoxy resin and cured under pressure in my pressure pot. Colourants used are usually alcohol inks, pigment pastes or mica powders. Some dice may have inclusions made from various materials such as glitters, mica powders, dried flowers, different coloured foils and fimo clay. All inking is done with acrylic paint.

How often do you restock the shop?
I aim to restock every month! Most updates are on the last Saturday or last day of the month at 7pm UK time (GMT/ BST)

What can I expect from your dice?
All my dice are handmade, from 3d design, finishing the masters and molds to the pouring and finishing of each die. They are cast in a pressure pot to help minimise bubbles

As they are handmade, there is always the possibility of imperfections such as mold marks, micro scratches, slight wandering corners. These are mostly unnoticable though and dice descriptions will state if there are any bigger flaws.

Can I eat the dice?
No! Dice are not edible, they may sometimes look like candy, but alas, they are hard and you will choke or break a tooth.

Are your dice balanced?
My dice are as balanced, if not more balanced, than any factory-produced dice. The only way to truly know if handmade dice are balanced is to roll them tens of thousands of times. So they are perfectly balanced for casual play.

The only dice that are perfectly, truly balanced are those in casinos, which these dice are not recommended for.

The inclusions that I use, add very, very minimal weight to the dice. Some inclusions may affect the balance, but those will always be disclaimed in the listing.

Do you take returns or exchanges/refunds?
Due to the nature of my business being that it is just one person that is in charge and runs everything I do not currently offer returns or refunds. If something is wrong with your order, either it arrives damaged, gets lost or you are just unhappy with what you receive please let me know through email or Instagram and we can discuss the best solution.

I am not responsible for any product(s) that get lost in shipping but I can and will work with you to try and figure out what happend. I want to give the best experience to everyone so always feel free to send me a message to see if we can figure something out!