About Axolotl

Name: Claire
Location: Sheffield, UK

Started in 2021 by me - Claire, this business was made from my love of dice, Dungeons and Dragons and a need for a creative outlet. When not making dice I am either running after my toddler or playing video games! A lot of my dice schedule depends on the kiddo, so make sure you're following me on Instagram to keep up to date!

In April 2020 I watched a video by youtubers Evan & Katelyn, they were making UV dice. I was enthralled - it had never before occured to me that you could actually MAKE your own dice! I became obsessed with the idea and started following dice makers and doing all the research I could. I watched hours and hours of Rybonator content, over and over again. It would be another year before I felt that I had the time and energy to start making these dreams a reality!

Fast forward to June 2021 - my kid is getting more independent, I had lost my job thanks to Covid and I needed to do something. It was then that I decided to created Axolotl Dice. I quickly became obsessed with the process of dice making and the endless possibilities that can be made.